Simon Banks, Keynote Speaker
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Simon Banks





Simon Banks is a conference speaker on creativity and Innovation and the Director of a Training Company called VisualFunk. His acute sense of humour and boundless energy make him a much sought after Conference Speaker, facilitator and MC. He has delivered over 1000 corporate events across Europe, Asia, America and Australia.


Taking the (non) typical route for a professional artist into the world of learning and development, Simon has had dual careers in both the creative and corporate worlds over the last 16 years. As such, he provide a really unique perspective and a fresh outlook on creativity and innovation that brings the best of these careers together.


Simon’s greatest skill is to bring a magical energy to the conference room and he infuses delegates with this throughout the day. Referred to as a cross between comedian Eddie Izzard and Picasso, he brings high energy, plenty of humour and creative flair to corporates seeking something a little left field and interactive.


It is this perfect combination of fun and innovation with the serious stuff. This guarantees your staff will leave a session with Simon remembering all the important messages and to subsequently live and breathe them in the workplace.


Using his extensive arts background, Simon can also bring your conference content to life visually through drawings, cartoons and artworks that capture the key messages of the conference and bring something really unique to the day. This ensures that the key messages stay alive long after the day has finished.


Simon’s book : Light the Innovation Fire in your Company is due to be published November 2016.


For something fresh and creative at your next conference, Simon Banks is a great option.


Simon Banks, Keynote Speaker


Keynote Overview: A thousand little light bulbs

The light bulb moment, The big A-ha. The bolt of lightning. It’s what every company is looking for. It can be a game changer. For most companies, it can be elusive. It many be once in a life time or never at all.

What if instead of hopefully waiting for lightning to strike for that one big idea, there were 1000 little lightbulbs going off all the time? Lightbulb moments are absolutely everywhere if we are open to them. It’s what humans were born to do. A thousand little light bulbs drive moment.

But where the hell do you start? How do you get a constant stream of light bulb moments and fresh thinking?

How do you keep your thinking cutting edge? How do you truly make innovation part of the fabric and culture of your company? How do you bring out the best innovative thinking in your people? And isn’t all that creative stuff for a certain type of people that wear flip flops to work, buy organic fruit at the market and don’t really get the real world? How do you engage your people in the process of innovation?

And my God, what if you look foolish trying to be creative? Your a highly respected professional!

A thousand little lightbulbs is a highly energetic and interactive keynote 45 – 60 minute keynote that uses the principles of improv theatre, comedy and the unique delivery style of Simon Banks to provide practical insights into unleashing your creative potential and using this to have a constant stream of fresh thinking and little lightbulb moments every day that drive market leading thinking and Innovation.

Creativity and innovation are the most normal human traits and something that everyone has in abundance but have just put them to the background. The focus needs to be squarely on enabling people to fulfil their potential. People are the soul and heartbeat of any company and their innovation potential. Nothing will happen unless people are firing.

Importantly, Simon clearly sees the blockages and fears that everyone has around the word ‘creativity’ and uses a fun and humorous approach to break through this by asking everyone to get the innovation Ogre out of their closet and ask it for a dance.
Innovators see things that other people miss. Opportunities and lightbulb moments exist everywhere if we only open our eyes. A thousand little light bulbs going off every day.

Key Outcomes:
• Understand that change and disruption is happening at a pace like never before. The need to stay fresh and innovate is more important than ever before.
• Recognising the space and culture where great ideas and fresh thinking thrive
• Understand that the quality of your ideas is directly related to the quality of stimulus you seek. Variety is the heartbeat of innovation.
• Develop the language to take innovation and great conversations further
• Embrace opportunities that come your way through opening your eyes to see potential and collaboration with and building on others ideas.
• Understand how movement drives energy and fresh thinking and how to use it effectively. We perform best when we have a great energy and mojo.
• Enable everyone to feel great about embracing their creative potential and working with others to embrace theirs

Think like an Artist, Act like an Innovator
Do you have lots of ideas but don’t know what to do with them?
If you are an artist, the problem isn’t a lack of ideas the problem is having the time to put all your ideas into action. Get ready to embrace freshness, open your eyes and become an ideas factory.

Ditching the Energy Vampire
Have you ever felt your energy drain when you are with someone? Has anyone ever felt that way about you?
Keep your energy high and ensure you leave a great personal wake.

Disrupt your Thinking
Do you want to innovate and think more creatively?
You need to not only disrupt your thinking but also disrupt your behaviour. Innovation is not just about following a model but developing a culture where disruption is the norm and fresh ideas and a fresh attitude are part of every day.

Getting to Yes
Do you want your conversations and ideas to spiral upwards and go to the next level?
Using the skills and insight of improvisational theatre, ensure you get to the yes that you are looking for and keep your mind open to possibilities.

We called on Simon to help us with an internal event we held recently. From the outset he was brilliant, from thoroughly understanding our needs through to fulfilling his role as MC. Simon was able to engage the audience, inject energy and keep everyone entertained. The feedback from attendees was exceptional and left the crowd wanting more. -- Shane Murarenko, Agile Coach - Digital, Commonwealth Bank