Nils Vesk Innovation Architect - The Entertainers
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Nils Vesk Innovation Architect

Nils Vesk

Is Australia’s ‘Innovation Architect’. For the last 20 years Nils has been applying design thinking to the business of generating commercial innovation.


Having spearheaded the science of diagnosing and prescribing critical innovation skills. Nils unshackles his clients to hatch commercial innovations that change the face of industry and the world.


With an innate ability to convert knowledge into actions, Nils’ clients use him to reveal the crucial missing steps and create constructible plans that will enable them to ‘fast track’ innovation, consistently and profitably.


His rapid innovation methodologies help his clients to create millions of dollars of additional revenue.


Keynote Outline:


Innovation is too few and too far between. Period. The old paradigm was that innovation was only for the privileged few. The new paradigm is that innovation be accessible to everyone, so everyone has the opportunity and knowledge to innovate. The new paradigm means revealing the limiting biases and perceptions that have been thwarting you and your organisation’s innovation potential. Coupling the knowledge of limiting biases with an innovation diagnosis will allow us to create a simple prescription to apply innovation in any organisation.


In this keynote you will learn:

  • To match the perception and situation to hatch the innovation
  • Diagnosis & prescription is the wildcard of innovcation
  • Biases short change our innovation capitalisation
  • Step by step innovation trumps disruption
  • Insights initiate ‘rainmaking’ states
  • Mass ideation fuels profitable innovation
  • Innovation iterations lead to risk minimisation
  • Commercialisation sanctions innovation