David Penglase, Keynote Speaker
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David Penglase

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After more than two decades of speaking to audiences at top tier corporation conferences in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, USA, Vienna, and New Zealand, David Penglase has been academically researching and continues to be fascinated by what really causes people to think, feel and act the way they do.


David professionally combines real-life humour, the power of story and the latest research from his academic field of applied positive psychology to ‘comfortably disrupt’ and inspire audiences to hold themselves accountable to achieve at their best.


Supporting his two decades of conference speaking experience, David has degrees in Business and the Psychology of Adult Learning, an MBA, a Master Degree in Professional Ethics, and is in his final dissertation year in a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology.

David Penglase, Keynote Speaker


How to manage the overwhelm of disruption with ease


A high energy and entertaining keynote packed full of practical positive psychology strategies to inspire and equip you and your team to manage disruption, defeat overwhelm and achieve more!


  • Manage the overwhelm of disruption with more ease
  • Create a clearer vision and more flexible goals
  • Make more confident choices, decisions and actions
  • Embrace responsibility for goal achievement success
  • Fast-track trust for stronger, more valuable relationships





In this presentation audience members get to reflect on how their past can precondition the way they think, feel and act today. They’ll learn proven skills to pattern interrupt the noise of compounding disruption and how to proactively manage any feelings of overwhelm – a major source of stress and failure in the workplace.


Most importantly, they will learn how to develop the following 5 scientifically-evidenced and essential keys to unlocking the POWER OF CLARITY in their professional and personal lives:


  • Autonomy – aligning their decisions and actions with responsibility and accountability
  • Relatedness and trust – earning, building and maintaining trusted relationships
  • Competence – inspecting habits of success, professional and personal strengths growth
  • Meaning – building intrinsic motivation through value-driven work, relationships and purpose
  • Accomplishment – celebrating progress with clear vision and flexible goals




Audience members leave energised, entertained, inspired and equipped to practically take back control of whatever area of their professional or personal lives that are suffering from overwhelm, and with clarity, take intentional and positive action toward goal achievement.

Keynote & Masterclass Topics:

FOR LEADERS – Aspirational Leadership Starts With Trust – How to lead in a world of disruption, distraction and change

FOR SALESPEOPLE – Selling In The Age of Information Overload – The Art & Science of Intention Based Selling™

FOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT – Creating Outstanding Customer Experiences – Why your intentions are the new currency for success

FOR SELF-MASTERY – Developing The Positivity Mindset – Why positivity and Intentional Action impact every measure of your success

FOR INSPIRATION – Start Flourishing Stop Languishing – 7 Positive Psychology Strategies Proven to Help You Flourish Professionally & Personally

``As a leadership group we found the Intentionomics presentation of immense value at a personal and business level. David's presentation style naturally energises the whole group, engages you all intimately and drives great outcomes. Would recommend it to any group who are serious about developing their talent.`` -- PAUL CAMPBELL, CEO, RI ADVICE GROUP

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