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David Penglase – Boost Your Success

David Penglase

By David Penglase


Every successful event company is juggling the constant demands of finding and winning new clients as well as delivering outstanding service to retain their existing clients and to earn advocacy. That’s the reality of running any business.


As we fast approach the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 it’s the perfect time, right now, to implement three evidence-based strategies from the field of applied positive psychology, that will help you to review, refocus, and reenergise on both a personal and professional level.


Reflect On The Positives In 2015:
Anyone in a sales or business development role is so typically focused on winning the next bit of business, by the end of the year, their physical and emotional energy levels can become depleted. What we know from the research is the simple task of reflecting on the positives, reflecting on your wins throughout the year, will provide you with a sustained boost in your overall sense of wellbeing.


The process is simple. You can do this exercise by yourself, or it is also an extremely powerful team strategy. Think of your 3 most meaningful wins for the year and why they were meaningful. If you’re in a team, once you’ve thought about the what’s and why’s, openly share these in turn with your team members.


The positive boost in energy and mood will help you maintain momentum through to the end of the year and to help you kick start your 2016 business development strategies.


Create Intentional Goal Clarity for 2016:
The research around the power of goal setting and pursuit is resoundingly clear. Humans are aspirational goal-seeking beings. We have an innate drive to acquire. However, what we also know from the research is the importance of balancing our drive to acquire with our drive for meaning.


While setting revenue goals is obviously important for every event company, the science tells us that when we attach meaning to the revenue goals, beyond just achieving more revenue, the goal achievement will increase dramatically.


Again, either by yourself, or in your work team, once you’ve set your revenue goals and targets, discuss how pursuing and achieving these goals will not only help your business, but also, how you will deliver value and improve the lives of your clients and other stakeholders.


Flourish in 2016 by embracing PERMA:


Research from Martin Seligman, one of the founders of the positive psychology movement, provides us with the PERMA acronym which delivers real clarity around what science validates as the keys to a flourishing personal and professional life. The P stands for having more Positivity than negativity in our life. The E stands for being Engaged in what we are doing. The R stands for building and earning more trust Relationships in our life. The M stands for doing things in our life that produces more Meaning. The A stands for the importance of having a sense of Achievement in our life.


I encourage you to adopt and embrace the PERMA acronym into your weekly reflections at work, and in your personal life. What the research shows is that working on developing each of these areas, and ensuring that you’re looking after yourself through regular enjoyable exercise and healthy eating habits, will help you to flourish in your personal and professional life.


To flourish in life rather than languish is surely a worthwhile way to leave 2015 behind us, and to venture into the exciting opportunities that 2016 will bring.


And a final note of self-promotion if I may. The PERMA formula for flourishing is a fun, engaging and inspirational message that can be tailored to almost every corporate conference theme. If you’d like to discuss how we could work together in 2016 to help your audiences flourish in their personal and professional lives, please contact Michelle at The Entertainers, or contact me via my website www.davidpenglase.com and I’d certainly look forward to exploring the opportunity with you.


My very best to you

3 Evidence-Based Strategies To Boost Your Success In 2016

“As the keynote speaker at our Franchise Conference, David was engaging, motivational and entertaining. The feedback we received was more than positive and we were impressed with how his presentation was tailored to our personal needs.” -- SHARYN HOPKINS, NETWORK PERFORMANCE COORDINATOR, L.J. HOOKER