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Channel 9

Request MC Availabilities

From experience, we know that media personalities make great event MCs!  What they bring to an event is that familiar presence and due to their skills in timing, flow, pace and ability to follow script, as well as ‘fill-in’ and quickly adapt to change, they can bring your event to life with ease.


Next time you are looking for an MC for your Award Nights, Gala Dinners, Forums, Panels, Fundraisers and events, consider a media personality.


If you cannot find the personality you are looking for, Email interest in the personality you are seeking for your event


Aislin Kriukelis, Alicia Loxley, Amber Sherlock, Amelia Adams, Andrew Gaze, Andrew Lofthouse, Andrew Slack, Billy Brownless, Brett McLeod, Bruce Paige, Cameron Williams, Clint Stanaway, Craig Hutchison, Daley Thompson, Darren Palmer, David Culbert, Davina Smith, Deborah Knight, Eva Milic,
Garry Lyon, Garry Youngberry, Georgie Gardner, Hamish and Andy, Ian Healy, Justine MacKenzie, Karl Stefanovic, Laura Turner, Laurie Oakes, Livinia Nixon, Matthew Lloyd, Melissa Downes, Michael Slater, Natalie Gruzlewski, Paul Vautin, Peter Hitchener, Peter Stefanovic, Rebecca Judd, Rob Penfold, Ross Greenwood, Roz Kelly, Tim Gilbert, Tim Sheridan, Vicky Jardim, Wally Lewis, Wendy Kingston, Yvonne Sampson, Erin Molan, Beau Ryan

Aislin Kriukelis
Alicia Loxley
Amber Sherlock
Amelia Adams
Andrew Gaze
Andrew Lofthouse
Andrew Slack
Billy Brownless
Brett McLeod
Bruce Paige
Cameron Williams
Clint Stanaway
Craig Hutchison
Daley Thompson
Darren Palmer
David Culbert
Davina Smith
Deborah Knight
Eva Milic
Garry Lyon
Garry Youngberry
Georgie Gardner
Hamish and Andy
Ian Healy
Justine MacKenzie
Karl Stefanovic
Laura Turner
Laurie Oakes
Livinia Nixon
Matthew Lloyd
Melissa Downes
Michael Slater
Natalie Gruzlewski
Paul Vautin
Peter Hitchener
Peter Stefanovic
Rebecca Judd
Rob Penfold
Ross Greenwood
Roz Kelly
Tim Gilbert
Tim Sheridan
Vicky Jardim
Wally Lewis
Wendy Kingston
Yvonne Sampson